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Energy Partners is co-owned by Missoula Electric Co-op and Mountain West Co-op
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About Energy Partners

Who We Are

Energy Partners, LLC is a leading supplier of propane to homes, farms, and businesses throughout Western Montana. Energy Partners is jointly owned by Missoula Electric Co-op and Mountain West Co-op (Cenex), these two cooperatives have a long record of serving the energy needs of Montana residents.

We are proud to continue that tradition!

We believe closer is better when it comes to providing customer service. Accordingly, Energy Partners maintains seven local offices to provide localized service throughout our trade area for fast response and easy access for our customers.



Reliable ServicE

Reliability under adverse conditions requires strength in depth to dependability.  Energy Partners operates more terminals with more storage capacity backed by more delivery units than any other branch in our trade area.  With NO DELIVERY OR COMPLIANCE FEES, we dont believe in adding hidden fees for our customers!



Easy Set-up

Getting started with propane service is quick and easy with Energy Partners. We stock an extensive inventory of tanks for lease or purchase. Simply contact the office in your area for installation costs and establish an account.

Life is stressful enough you don’t need more. Energy Partners believes propane service should be as automatic and worry free as possible. We offer Automatic Delivery so you never have to worry about running out of propane, and to smooth out winter heating costs, we offer budget billing. For protection on winter price spikes, we offer Prepay Cap Contracts annually.



Safety First

Customer safety is the top priority at Energy Partners. Our service and delivery staff are trained and certified by the National Propane Gas Association to insure complete competence in dealing with all aspects of propane usage. All work is performed to professional standards with the customers’ well being in mind, and in strict compliance with code. To ensure each customer practices good propane safety habits, we provide initial orientation, safety materials and ongoing safety mailings. We also provide a 24 HOUR EMERGENCY HOTLINE in the event of a leak or other propane emergency requiring immediate attention.

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Our Locations (normal office hours 8:00am to 5:00PM M-F)

2500 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59808
Toll-Free: (866) 541-6800
Phone: (406) 541-6800
Fax: (406) 541-6804
Thompson Falls
P.O. Box 1222
224 Main Street
Thompson Falls, MT 59873
Phone: (406) 827-4740
Fax: (406) 827-9590
211 River Street
Superior, MT 59872
Phone: (406) 822-4848
Fax: (406) 822-4880
63742 US HWY 93
Ronan, MT 59864
Phone: (406) 676-3757
Fax: (406) 676-2165
P.O. Box 297 
350 East Front St.
Drummond, MT 59832
Phone: (406) 288-3219
Fax: (406) 288-3040
125 Old Corvallis Rd
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: (406) 363-1001
Fax: (406) 363-6974
Seely Lake
P.O. Box 810
3269 HWY 83 N.
Seeley Lake, MT 59868
Phone: (406) 677-3656
Fax: (406) 677-3657