Read Your Tank

Pay Attention to Propane Levels

Tank volume gaugeYour propane tank typically has a gauge with numbers. Look at the gauge to make sure your tank has a safe level of propane. Call Energy Partners before your tank is under 25%.

Don’t confuse propane levels with the pressure gauge, numbers from 0 – 300.

Don’t Get Caught Out of Propane

You have learned to keep a close eye on your car’s gas gauge. Running out of gasoline is not just an inconvenience, but it could also place you and your loved ones at risk. Avoid running out of hot water and/or heat for your home. Call us to enroll in our Auto-Fill Delivery Program to guarantee that you always have enough propane to keep you and your family safe and warm.

Did You Know?

Gauge gallons chartThe National Fire Protection Association in most cases recommends that anyone delivering propane to an out-of-gas customer or new customer perform a complete system check. Energy Partners requires this complete system check to ensure the safety of our customers. This leak or safety check could include an inspection of all lines, appliances, regulators and control valves. A thorough safety check can take an hour or longer to complete. Energy Partners charges for this inspection on a progressive scale. It may be inconvenient and the propane customer could be required to be at home at the time of the inspection.

Why is This Inspection Necessary on Out-of-Gas Calls?

Propane is an extremely safe energy source when used properly. These out-of-gas procedures are required to protect your family and property. Convenience, comfort, cost and safety… these are four good reasons to avoid out-of-gas situations.

Tank Monitors

Energy Partners now offers tank monitors on all auto-fill customer’s tanks. Additionally, Will Call customers can lease a tank monitor from Energy Partners for $55 annually. Tank monitors help Energy Partners deliver propane accurately and efficiently, making sure you never run out of gas.

We’re Here to Help

Energy Partners wants to make sure that you always have all the heat you need and plenty of hot water. That means making sure that you never run out of propane. You can avoid the inconvenience and cost of an out-of-gas call. Just remember to call Energy Partners and have the tank filled before it reaches the one-quarter level. Or better yet, ask Energy Partners to place your account on an auto-fill basis (you must have an approved open account). That way Energy Partners will make sure the propane tank is filled year-round.