Registering Your Account

Prior to logging into the payment portal, you will need to register your account. Once registered, you will be able to login to view the following information:

  • Tank information
  • Contract Information
  • Delivery history (1 years’ worth)
  • Make a payment
  • Request a delivery

A link to the payment portal will be provided for you to begin the registration process. This same link will also allow you to login to an existing account.

  1. Navigate to and click ‘Pay Your Bill’ in the upper right hand corner of the web page
  2. Select “Create Account”.
    screenshot of login screen. fields requesting Mobile Phone number and password.
  3. When prompted, enter your Account Number (you will be prompted to re-enter the account number after initially entered) and select Search.
    Find my account. Enter your information to search for your account. Customer #. Please Retype your customer #. Search.
  4. If the account number is found, you will be prompted to fill in additional information.
    Create an account. Fill in the rest of your information and create a password. Phone. Password. Confirm password. Email. I agree to the Terms & Conditions. Create Account.
  5. Enter the remaining information as requested.
    1. A cell phone number is required, however, if you’re unable to register the account without a cell phone number, contact your provider.
  6. Select Agree to Terms & Conditions, and select Create Account.
  7. Upon a successful account creation, a 6-digit verification code will be sent via text. Enter this verification code and select Submit.
    We just sent a text message to [blurred out phone number]. Enter the 6-digit verification code your received via text to verify your mobile phone number. Submit.
  8. Once verified, select your preferred method of payment by selecting Credit Card or Bank Account.
    Credit Card. Bank Account. Enter in your payment method to make payments. Name on Card. Card Number. Expiration Date. Billing Street Address. Billing ZIP. Submit.Credit Card. Bank Account. Enter in your payment method to make payments. Name on Account. Routing Number. Account Number. Bank Name. Checking. Personal.
  9. Enter the required information, and select Submit (this information can be updated at any time from your account settings page) to finalize the payment portal registration process.