Horizon™ H40ZE Medium Contemporary Gas Fireplace

Dramatic Flame with Perfect Heat

Feature a stunning firescape in your space with the Regency Horizon HZ40E, a mid-sized contemporary gas fireplace that offers a dramatic flame and ample heat.

Transform Your Space

Rev up the atmosphere with glass crystals in a choice of colors, or create a tranquil escape using spa stones or driftwood logs. Transform any room into an experience with this Regency unit.


  • Natural gas or propane
  • Regency Horizon burner covered with cobalt blue crystals
  • Electronic ignition with SureFire™ switch
  • Wall-mounted on/off switch
  • Direct vent
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Visit the Regency Website to see the full Horizon™ H40ZE Gas Fireplace specifications

Regency Horizon HZ40E Indoor contemporary gas fireplace in a comfortable living room

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