Bellavista™ B36XTE & B36XTCE Medium Gas Fireplace

Beautiful Flames

Bellavista means beautiful view in Italian. This is a perfect description of the fire view offered by the most popular sized fireplaces in the Regency line up.

Bold Style

The B36XTCE and B36XTE models feature a bold flame and log package behind a 652 viewing area that provides up to 31,000 BTU’s of comforting heat. Quality workmanship is evident in Bellavista’s finishes, custom accessories and safety tested ceramic glass.


  • Natural gas
  • Safety screen
  • Ceramic glass
  • Log set with embers
  • Fire grate
  • Flame height adjustment control
  • Proflame I GTMF remote control
  • Electronic ignition with SureFireTM switch
  • Top or rear vent for versatile installations
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Vignette surrounds in various colors**
  • Vignette door inlays in various colors**
  • Vignette finishing trim**
  • Brick panels in a variety of colors and designs ○ Inner reflective panels in black enamel
  • Ember upgrade kit**
  • Flush panels & mesh guard**
  • Variable speed blower
  • Wall thermostat
  • Propane conversion kit
  • Vertical or horizontal vent terminations
  • AstroCap® venting system

Visit the Regency Website to see the full Bellavista B36XTE Medium Gas Fireplace specifications.

B36XTE gas fireplace installed in comfortable, light living room

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